Choosing a major

A major is a specific subject area that people specialize in and almost all of the courses you’ll be studying during college will be related to it. It’s a pretty hard decision to make, and I have no idea how I made up my mind.

Growing up, the only subjects I stayed interested in were biology, english and chemistry (more or less). At first I wanted to study pharmacy or medicine, but I soon realised that they weren’t for me. At all. My main crush was Plant Biology, and I knew I wanted to pursue a career related to it. Fast forwarding 4 years, I am now in my last year of highschool, and got accepted into a university on the other side of Europe, majoring in guess what? MARINE FREAKING BIOLOGY! I have no idea what to expect, but I’ve never been more excited than I am right now.

Back to the original topic: choosing a major.

One of the most important things you can do is think about the subjects you love. Exploring what you like is the best way to find a major, and it will be easier for you to engage with your classes if you actually enjoy them.

You do have to consider the earning potential. Don’t choose a major that will make it hard for you to find a job.

Try to speak with professors, advisors, department heads, and other students. It helps to have a second opinion and you can never have enough information, so ask as many questions as possible. Stay informed!

If you still have no idea what to study, it’s okay. There are universities that don’t require students to declare a major until sophomore year, giving you enough time to test the waters.

Lastly, if you pick a major that you end up hating, it’s not the end of the world, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!! Don’t get worked up over nothing.


With love,

Ana and her big headache.


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