Tips & tricks


I am a firm believer that when you set your mind on something, 9 out of 10 times you are going to accomplish it. However, setting a goal is not enough, you actually have to work towards achieving it (bummer).

Procrastination is both a gift and a curse. I’ve somehow managed to procrastinate so much that I watched 5 season of 90210 in one and a half weeks. But hey, we’ve all been there, right?( right?!?!)

Unfortunately, being a senior in highschool AND a procrastinator (what an odd word, it sounds like a dinosaur) is not a good combo, and lately I’ve been trying to find some tricks to help me focus on my studying:

  • It’s hard to keep me away from my computer, and turning it off is not enough for me. I’ve found a great app that blocks any site you want for however long you want. It also has a “Nuclear option” which means that once you start the timer, you can’t access any website, even if it’s an emergency (aka bored af.). The app name is Stay Focusd and you can find it on Chrome Webstore.


  • Another app that helps me is Break Timer (also on Chrome Webstore). It basically reminds me when I can take my break. This way, I won’t be looking at my phone/clock every 5 minutes.

Desctop screenshot

  • My favourite app, however, is the Momentum Dashboard. Instead of the usual New Tab from Google, you will get a beautiful picture, a to do list, a great quote, and a warm hello (all in one!) momentum.png


More tips:

  • For me, it’s easier to study when my room is clean. This way, I will be able to concentrate on my task, and not on my pile of socks. Try it!
  • Speaking of concentration, I can’t study when it’s really quiet, because my mind wanders off to weird places. Music helps, and the genre I usually listen to while studying is classical. However, I’ve found a lot of great playlists on Spotify, you just have to look for them!
  • Organize, organize, organize! I find it easier to study when my paper looks like a christmas tree rather than just…snow. You get what I mean. Use colorful markers to underline the important information, that way your eyes won’t get lost on the page. Also, add sticky notes! IMG-20151203-WA0004.jpg
  • Lastly, have everything you need next to you. Water,  some tissues (for your tears), and snacks!

Now that you’ve procrastinated by reading this blog post, it’s time to get your butt to work! I know I should…

With love,

a very lazy Ana.




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